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Preparing for a Digital Transformation Initiative Training

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Digital transformation is a catch phrase for profound and rapid business change based on the use of many different technologies and development techniques. When starting this necessary journey, it can appear so complex that an organization doesn’t really know where to begin or what is the right path. This 1-day digital transformation course presents a big-picture view of online courses digital transformation with the singular goal of equipping the attendee with the understanding and confidence to guide and implement a successful program.

This course serves as a lead-in for various curricula including, but not limited to, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Science, Project Management, Change Management, and Agile/DevOps.

This 1-day course is intended as an overview for managers who want to have an insightful understanding of digital transformation and as a starting point for practitioners who will subsequently deal with the details of its implementation using Agile/DevOps, Cloud, Data Science and other related technologies. Participants should have a general awareness of business processes and computing but there are otherwise no pre-requisites.

Preparing for a Digital Transformation Initiative Training Delivery Methods
After course instructor coaching
Preparing for a Digital Transformation Initiative Training Course Benefits
Explain the key elements of digital transformation and its potential advantagesExamine all four pillars of digital transformation Outline key leadership and practitioner roles for successful transformationCompare and contrast the key modern technologies and development approaches central to digital transformation
Starter’s Guide to Digital Transformation for Managers and Practitioners Outline
Chapter 1 – Digital Transformation Overview
What is Digital Transformation (DT)
Digital Transformation Has Gone Mainstream
Budget and Spending on DT
No Agreed Definition but Concepts Reoccur
Similar Thoughts – Different Words
Consensus Definition
Alternative Definition
Enabling Technologies Overview
Technology Grouping
Layering on Cloud?
The Why – Positively Impacting Business
Reimagined Business Processes
Better Customer Experience
Better Employee Experience
Reduced Business Risk
Improved Cost Control
Competitive Advantage
Adopt, Adapt, Achieve
Case Studies
Review Questions
Chapter Summary
Chapter 2 – The What and How
Chapter 3 – Digital Technology Overview
Chapter 4 – Roles and Leadership
Chapter 5 – Course Summary

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