Advanced C# Programming Training: Programming Extended Features

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In this course, you will apply C# extended features, including definitive coverage Language Integrated Query (LINQ), to streamline the use of C# as both an object-oriented and a first-class data-manipulation language. C# is layered on top of Microsoft’s highly successful .NET Framework. With the advent of Core, the extra dimensions of portability and openness have been added. As a result, different language features are required to effectively leverage the integration of programs with both .NET Framework and Core, including specialized C# keywords, advanced lambda expressions, extension methods, generic classes and delegates, universal functions, and anonymous types. In particular, to optimize data access, productivity, and overall application performance.

Advanced C# Programming Delivery Methods



Advanced C# Programming Course Benefits
Streamline data-centric applications with C# extended features and the Entity Framework (EF)Integrate Microsoft Core with .NET Framework applications for high-performance data accessExploit LINQ keywords and full-stack capabilities including queries, grouping and joinsGenerate dynamic enumerations in developer-written generic classes

Leverage continued support with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching and computing sandbox

Advanced C# Programming Course Outline
Important Course Information


You should know how to:
Construct, compile, and execute C# Windows Forms and/or Web applications using the Visual Studio integrated environment
Design and implement a modestly complex (1000+ lines) program in the C# language
Apply solid object-oriented development techniques, including encapsulation, inheritance, interfaces, and polymorphism
Produce applications that employ key parts of the .NET framework library
Module 1: Harnessing C# Language Features
Module 2: Employing Extension Methods for Middle-Tier Data Manipulation
Module 3: Leveraging LINQ Query Keywords
Module 4: Attaching to Databases via the Entity Framework
Module 5: Enumerations and Generic Classes
Module 6: Processing Data with LINQ Queries

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