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Influencing Collaborative Solutions: Duke CE Certificate Course

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Most organizations today are de-emphasizing their hierarchal structures in favor of cross-functional groups, significantly increasing the collaboration needed to produce desired results. How does a technical leader gain the information, perspectives, and permissions, needed to get the work done and own the result without the requisite authority to make the “call” – at speed? Learners will learn how to collaborate and influence others when they don’t have positional authority. Participants will also engage in influence and agility drills to hone their capacity for producing solutions quickly.

Influencing Collaborative Solutions Delivery Methods



Influencing Collaborative Solutions Course Benefits

In this Influencing Collaborative Solutions course, you will:

Identify what it means to influence without authority and what you can do to be successful.
Learn to read the larger context in which you wish to influence for more successful solutions.
Employ principles and tools to collaborate successfully across organizational boundaries.
Apply what you’ve learned to a series of specific situations where influencing collaborative solutions is most required.
Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching.

Influencing Collaborative Solutions Prerequisites

Complete 4thdacad course, Navigating Increasing Complexity: Duke CE Certificate Course
Some leadership experience in a technical or business environment can be helpful.

Influencing Collaborative Solutions Exam and Certificate Information

No Exam
This course is part of the Duke CE Transformational Technical Leadership Program, designed by 4thdacad in partnership with Duke Corporate Education. Upon completion of the 5 courses that make up the program, attendees will receive the Transformational Technical Leadership certificate from Duke CE.
Influencing Collaborative Solutions Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction

This module contains the following learning topics:

The Transformational Technical Leadership Framework
The power of influence
The course learning Objectives
The course Learning Journey
Module 2: Reframing Influence
Module 3: Shared Solutions, Not Transactions
Module 4: Build Personal Credibility
Module 5: Use Credibility to Expand Your Network
Module 6: Communicate to Learn, Not to Persuade
Module 7: Explore Interdependencies
Module 8: Solutions Everyone Can Support

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