SQL Server Transact-SQL Programming

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Transact-SQL is integral to the power of SQL Server as its features allow developers to create scalable, distributed applications for meeting the demanding requirements of modern organizations. In addition to comprehensive coverage of Microsoft SQL Server, this training course provides you with the skills to create stored procedures and triggers and develop T-SQL that utilizes SQL Server to the fullest.

SQL Server Transact-SQL Programming Delivery Methods



SQL Server Transact-SQL Programming Course Benefits

Develop scalable, distributed applications with Transact-SQL to meet organizational requirements

Create modular code with stored procedures and formulate triggers

Develop reusable code with scalar- and table-valued functions

Handle Transact-SQL runtime errors to create robust software

Audit data changes using AFTER triggers

Leverage continued support with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching and computing sandbox

SQL Server Transact-SQL Programming Instructor-Led Course Outline
Important Course Information


4thdacad 4thdacad Course 2107: Microsoft SQL Server® Training Course
Experience with the Windows user interface
Familiarity with the base features of SQL Server or DBMS

Who Should Attend?

This course benefits database developers, administrators, and analysts who want to expand their knowledge of SQL Server. Attendees should have experience with SQL Server at the level of 4thdacad Course 2107: Microsoft SQL Server® Training Course

Exam Information

4thdacad Exam provided at the end of class

Module 1: SQL Server Architecture
Module 2: Managing Tables with DDL
Module 3: Retrieving Data with Transact-SQL Stored Procedures
Module 4: Maintaining Data
Module 5: Developing Views, Functions, and Triggers

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