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Shell Programming Training

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In this Shell Programming training course you will learn to customize your working environment for supercharged productivity with KornShell (ksh) and BASH shell (bash) — powerful command-interpreting languages for Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS. You will learn to improve speed by performing multi-file handling and string manipulations without external tools, customize the user environment login scripts, and wrap external file and text handling tools within scripts.Learn Shell programming and gain the skills to write reusable, robust shell scripts, extend your user environment, and automate complex administrative tasks.

User-level UNIX commands
Simple file editing with basic text, or GUI-based, editor
X Window System and basic UNIX networking

This course uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Concepts taught are applicable to all Linux distributions

Shell Programming Training Delivery Methods
After-course instructor coaching benefit
4thdacad end-of-course exam included
After-course computing sandbox included
Shell Programming Training Course Benefits
Write Bash and KornShell scripts for improved productivityIntegrate arrays, functions, pattern matching, I/O, branches, loops, and variablesImprove speed with multifile handling and string manipulationsCreate and reuse function libraries
Shell Programming Course Outline
Introduction and Overview
Benefits of KornShell and Bash vs. other shells
Differences between bash, ksh88 and ksh93
Integrating scripts with external command-line tools
Bash and KornShell Scripting Fundamentals
Storing and Accessing Data
Processing Data
Modular Programming with Functions
Interacting with the Outside World
Creating “Production Quality” Scripts

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