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Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL Training (DP-080)

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This course will teach the basics of Microsoft’s dialect of the standard SQL language: Transact-SQL. Topics include both querying and modifying data in relational databases that are hosted in Microsoft SQL Server-based database systems, including: Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and, Azure Synapse Analytics.

This course can be valuable for anyone who needs to write basic SQL or Transact-SQL queries. This includes anyone working with data as a data analyst, a data engineer, a data scientist, a database administrator or a database developer. It can also be useful for others peripherally involved with data, or wanting to learn more about working with data such as solution architects, students and technology managers.

Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL Training (DP-080) Delivery Methods
Microsoft Official Course content
After-course instructor coaching
Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL Training (DP-080) Course Benefits
Use SQL Server query toolsWrite SELECT statements to retrieve columns from one or more tablesSort and filter selected dataUse built-in functions to returned data valuesCreate groups of data and aggregate the resultsModify data with Transact-SQL using INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and MERGE
Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL Training Outline
Module 1: Getting Started with Transact-SQL

In this module you will learn about the basics of the Transact-SQL (T-SQL) language, as well as general properties and terminology of relational databases. This module will also introduce the basic SELECT statement for retrieving data from a table.


Introduction to Transact-SQL
Using the SELECT statement

Lab : Get started with SQL Server query tools and writing queries in T-SQL

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Using a query tool to write and execute queries in Transact-SQL
Understand the basic concepts of relational database and the T-SQL language
Write SELECT statements to retrieve data from a relational database table
Understand basic datatypes and how they are used
Understand the basics of NULL values
Module 2: Sorting and Filtering Query Results
Module 3: Using Joins and Subqueries
Module 4: Using Built-in Functions
Module 5: Modifying Data

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