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Microsoft 365 Security Administrator (MS-500)

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This Microsoft 365 Security Administrator course will teach you how to secure user access to your organization’s resources.

First, the course covers user password protection, multi-factor authentication, how to enable Azure Identity Protection, how to set up and use Azure AD Connect, and introduces you to conditional access in Microsoft 365.

Second, you will learn about threat protection technologies that help protect your Microsoft 365 environment. Specifically, you will learn about threat vectors and Microsoft’s security solutions to mitigate threats. You will learn about Secure Score, Exchange Online protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, and threat management.

Third, the course will teach you about information protection technologies that help secure your Microsoft 365 environment. For example, the course discusses information rights-managed content, message encryption, labels, policies, and rules that support data loss prevention and information protection.

Lastly, you will learn about archiving and retention in Microsoft 365, data governance, and how to conduct content searches and investigations. This course covers data retention policies and tags, in-place records management for SharePoint, email retention, and how to conduct content searches that support eDiscovery investigations.

Microsoft 365 Security Course Delivery Methods



Microsoft 365 Security Course Information

This Microsoft 365 Security course will teach you how to:

Administer user and group access in Microsoft 365.
Explain and manage Azure Identity Protection.
Plan and implement Azure AD Connect.
Manage synchronized user identities.
Explain and use conditional access.
Describe cyber-attack threat vectors.
Explain security solutions for Microsoft 365.
Use Microsoft Secure Score to evaluate and improve your security posture.
Configure various advanced threat protection services for Microsoft 365.
Plan for and deploy secure mobile devices.
Implement information rights management.
Secure messages in Office 365.
Configure Data Loss Prevention policies.
Deploy and manage Cloud App Security.
Implement Windows information protection for devices.
Plan and deploy a data archiving and retention system.
Create and manage an eDiscovery investigation.
Manage GDPR data subject requests.
Explain and use sensitivity labels.
Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching.

Microsoft 365 Security Course Prerequisites

Basic conceptual understanding of Microsoft Azure.
Experience with Windows 10 devices.
Experience with Office 365.
Basic understanding of authorization and authentication.
Basic understanding of computer networks.
Working knowledge of managing mobile devices.

Microsoft 365 Security Course Exam Information

This course can help you prepare for the following Microsoft role-based certification exam — Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate.

Microsoft 365 Security Course Outline
Module 1: User and Group Management

This module explains how to manage user accounts and groups in Microsoft 365. It introduces you to the Zero Trust concept as well as authentication. The module sets the foundation for the remainder of the course.


Identity and Access Management concepts
The Zero Trust model
Plan your identity and authentication solution
User accounts and roles
Password Management

Lab: Initialize your tenant – users and groups

Set up your Microsoft 365 tenant
Manage users and groups

Lab: Password management

Configure Self-service password reset (SSPR) for user accounts in Azure AD
Deploy Azure AD Smart Lockout

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Create and manage user accounts.
Describe and use Microsoft 365 admin roles.
Plan for password policies and authentication.
Describe the concepts of Zero Trust security.
Explain the Zero Trust model.
Module 2: Identity Synchronization and Protection
Module 3: Identity and Access Management
Module 4: Security in Microsoft 365
Module 5: Threat Protection
Module 6: Threat Management
Module 7: Microsoft Cloud Application Security
Module 8: Mobility
Module 9: Information Protection and Governance
Module 10: Rights Management and Encryption
Module 11: Data Loss Prevention
Module 12: Compliance Management
Module 13: Insider Risk Management
Module 14: Discover and Respond

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