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This Java New Features training course provides hands-on experience with lambda expressions introduced in Java as well as many other changes to the language and libraries. Attendees will get a full appreciation of functional-style programming and the new idioms made possible by lambda expressions that make their code easier to read and understand. The course then explores the Streams API, which lets you write powerful code that processes a collection of data in a declarative way. Attendees will get a full appreciation of what streams are and how they can use them in their programs to process collections of data concisely and efficiently.

Anyone developing Java applications who has core Java SE skills and wishes to capitalize on the addition of lambda expressions and streams library in Java to create less error-prone and simpler concurrent programs.

Java New Features Training Delivery Methods
After-course instructor coaching benefit
After-course computing sandbox included
End of course exam
Java New Features Training Course Benefits
Pass code as parameters to methods using lambda expressions to make your code simpler and easier to understandManipulate, format and parse dates with the Date and Time APILeverage default methods to achieve evolution of interfaces while maintaining compatibility with older codeProcess data with Java streamsTake advantage of stream parallel processing to achieve efficiencyPerform asynchronous programming with CompletableFutureRead and write files using Java NIO
Java New Features Training Outline
Lambda Expressions
Leveraging functional interfaces to pass code as data to methods
Contrasting lambda expressions and anonymous classes
Method references and constructor references
Invoking higher order functions
Default Methods
The Date and Time API and Other Changes
Collecting Data with Streams

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