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Developing SQL Queries for Oracle Databases

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This Oracle SQL Queries training course will help you increase productivity and maximize the potential of SQL to formulate intricate queries for Oracle databases. Learn to solve business problems easily, efficiently, and elegantly with only a few lines of SQL code, and gain the practical skills to choose the best query method — ensuring accuracy and avoiding common errors or pitfalls.

SQL and Oracle RDBMS knowledge at the level of: Course 925, SQL Programming Language Introduction, or Course 2226, Oracle Database 12c Introduction

This course is currently running on Oracle 12c

Developing SQL Queries for Oracle Databases Delivery Methods
After-course instructor coaching benefit
4thdacad end-of-course exam included
Developing SQL Queries for Oracle Databases Course Benefits
Maximize the potential of SQL to formulate complex queriesThoroughly test SQL queries and avoid common errorsSelect the most efficient solution to complex SQL problemsLeverage the analytical functions of OracleEmploy inner joins, outer joins, cross joins, and self joins
Oracle SQL Queries Course Outline
Introduction and Overview

The uses of SQL queries

Why SQL can be both easy and difficult
Recommendations for thorough testing

Enhancing query performance

Query optimization
Choosing the most efficient query method
Leveraging SQL Functions to Build Queries
Performing Extensive Analysis with Analytical Functions
Developing Complex Joins
Building Subqueries
Employing Views and Temporary Tables
Introducing Oracle 12c

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