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SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Training for Business Intelligence

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In this SSIS training course, you gain the skills to improve business intelligence capabilities by automating complex migration tasks and auditing the success or failure of migration processes. In addition, you will learn to transform data among heterogeneous data sources — such as text files, Oracle, Access, XML, ODBC, and OLE DB — and effectively and securely manage data migration across various platforms.

Additionally, in this SSIS training course, you’ll gain the skills to migrate and transform data with SQL Server Integration Services. You learn to solve data management problems by creating dynamic packages for migrating, processing, and reporting on data for business intelligence. Specifically, you learn to deploy packages to an SSIS server, assemble tasks to perform complex data migrations, and enhance package functionality with scripting.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Training for Business Intelligence Delivery Methods



SQL Server Integration Services Course Information

In this SQL Server Integration Services course, you will learn how to:

Solve data management problems by migrating and processing data.
Perform nonstandard imports and exports using the Script component.
Assemble tasks to perform complex data migrations.
Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) data.
Incrementally migrate data from SQL Server data sources using Change Data Capture (CDC).
Deploy packages to an SSIS catalog.

SQL Server Integration Services Prerequisites

Familiarity with relational database management systems, programming concepts, and SQL language.

SSIS Training Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to Integration Services
Defining SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
Exploring the need for migrating diverse data
The role of Business Intelligence (BI)
Module 2: SSIS Architecture and Tools
Module 3: Implementing Tasks and Containers
Module 4: Extending Capabilities with Scripting
Module 5: Transforming with the Data Flow Task
Module 6: Error Handling, Logging and Transactions

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