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Oracle® SQL Training

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This Oracle PL/SQL training course will teach you to increase the productivity, performance, scalability, portability, and security of your Oracle database. With this training, you will learn how to execute PL/SQL programs in Oracle, build stored procedures, design and execute modular applications, and increase the efficiency of data movement — essential skills for any Oracle developer.

Oracle PL/SQL Programming Training Delivery Methods



Oracle PL/SQL Programming Training Course Information

This Oracle PL/SQL Programming training will prepare you to:

Develop efficient PL/SQL programs to access Oracle databases
Create stored procedures and functions for reuse and maintenance
Design modular applications using packages
Manage data retrieval for front-end applications
Invoke native dynamic SQL to develop high-level abstract code

Oracle PL/SQL Programming Training Course Prerequisites

Students taking this course should have knowledge and experience at the level of:

4thdacad course 2226, Introduction to Oracle Database 12c Training
4thdacad course 925, Introduction to SQL Training
PL/SQL Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction and Overview

PL/SQL fundamentals

Declaring and anchoring variables to database definitions
Flow control constructs

Oracle 11g and 12c PL/SQL features

PL/Scope in Oracle 11g
Returning implicit cursor results from stored procedures in Oracle 12c
Declaring local functions within SELECT statements in Oracle 12c
Module 2: Data Manipulation Techniques
Module 3: Developing Well-Structured and Error-Free Code
Module 4: Achieving Maximum Reusability
Module 5: Exploiting Complex Datatypes
Module 6: Invoking Native Dynamic SQL
Module 7: Package Tips and Techniques

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