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Navigating Increasing Complexity: Duke CE Certificate Course

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Navigating Increasing Complexity focuses on the very nature of our working contexts today, arguing that the work we do is more complex than ever, and this complexity demands new approaches. Participants will learn how to recognize, diagnose, and respond appropriately to complex environments and situations in a highly interactive course setting.

This course serves as an introduction and touchpoint to the rest of the courses in the Transformational Technical Leadership Program.

Navigating Increasing Complexity Delivery Methods



Navigating Increasing Complexity Course Information

In this Navigating Increasing Complexity course, you will:

Explore how increasing complexity is creating a new context for how we work.
Recognize how biases and default thinking can influence our responses to complexity.
Apply new frameworks and approaches to adapt how we see, think, and act in response.
Create routines and opportunities to incorporate learning in future contexts.
Part of the Transformational Technical Leadership Program.
Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching.

Navigating Increasing Complexity Exam and Certificate Information

No Exam
This course is part of the Transformational Technical Leadership Program, designed by 4thdacad in partnership with Duke Corporate Education. Upon completion of the 5 courses that make up the program, attendees will receive the Transformational Technical Leadership certificate from Duke CE.

Navigating Increasing Complexity Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction

This module contains the following learning topics:

The Transformational Technical Leadership Framework
Creating a shared perspective on complexity
The course learning Objectives
The course Learning Journey
Module 2: Complexity in Context
Module 3: Winning in a New Game
Module 4: Adapting to a New Context: PSC Overview
Module 5: Perceiving: Seeing Differently
Module 6: Sensemaking: Thinking Differently
Module 7: Co-Acting: Working Differently
Module 8: Building a Co-Learning Culture

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