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Java Best Practices and Design Patterns Training

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Attend this Java Best Practices and Design Patterns training course and learn to solve real-world software development problems, and deliver responsive applications that are fast and reliable. Learn how to leverage Java best practices, avoid pitfalls and perform industry-standard software development techniques. Learn design patterns in Java to implement proven solutions to reoccurring problems, and apply idioms and patterns to improve your Java code.

Knowledge at the level of:
Course 471, Java Programming Introduction
Three to six months of Java programming experience
You should be able to:
Understand Java classes, the inheritance model, polymorphism, and encapsulation
Use fundamental standard edition Java APIs
Apply object-oriented analysis and design, including defining classes and creating objects

Java Best Practices and Design Patterns Training Delivery Methods
After-course instructor coaching benefit
4thdacad end-of-course exam included
After-course computing sandbox included
Java Best Practices and Design Patterns Training Course Benefits
Employ best practices to build reliable and scalable Java applicationsEffectively apply test-driven development to enhance program maintainabilitySolve architectural problems with proven design patternsEmploy advanced Java APIs for multi-threaded programming
Java Design Patterns Course Outline
Effective Programming in Java
Clarifying the goals of best practices
Identifying the key characteristics of high-quality software
Organizing classes, packages and subsystems into layers
Designing to the principles of SOLID
Applying Test-Driven Development
Leveraging Design Patterns
Extending Applications with Java Meta Programming
Tuning for Maximum Performance
Architecting for Separation of Concerns

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