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Excel Data Analysis Course

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This hands-on Excel data analysis training course will expand your ability to analyze large amounts of data and professionally present your results. Gain the knowledge and skills to build more sophisticated spreadsheets, perform What-If analyses, apply functions, manipulate PivotTables, and use the advanced features of Excel to make and present better business decisions.

In this excel data analysis course, you use advanced Excel techniques to build sophisticated spreadsheets. You learn to perform “What-If” analyses, leverage features and apply functions, manipulate PivotTables to analyze large amounts of data, and present your results to make better business decisions for planning and budgeting. You also learn how to automate processes and enhance worksheet models.

Excel Data Analysis Course Delivery Methods



Excel Data Analysis Course Information

In this Excel Data Analysis course, you will learn to:

Leverage features of Microsoft Excel to facilitate business decisions.
Develop intelligent worksheets to quickly identify KPIs.
Perform “What-If” analyses for developing budget and project plans.
Summarize and analyze large amounts of data using PivotTables and Excel features.
Automate Excel processes.
Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching.

Excel Data Analysis Course Prerequisites

Experience with Excel fundamentals at the level of Introduction to Microsoft Excel Training.

Excel Data Analysis Course Outline
Module 1: Troubleshooting and Enhancing Professional Workbooks
Deciphering and correcting functions for data integrity
Accurately interpreting calculations
Implementing Names to enhance your workbook model
Monitoring KPIs using conditional formatting
Module 2: Analyzing Data with Functions
Module 3: Optimizing Workbook Models with “What-If” Analysis
Module 4: Summarizing Business Information
Module 5: Formulating Decisions from Database Information
Module 6: Enhancing Excel Usage with Macros

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