Digital Media Forensics Essentials Labs

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Learn the security techniques used by the Internet’s most skilled professionals. This Digital Media Forensics Essentials lab bundle, which includes 19 distinct, hands-on labs, will provide you with an introduction to media collection, imaging and analysis.

Digital Media Forensics Essentials Labs Delivery Methods
6-month access to CYBRScore Digital Media Forensics Essentials Labs
Content aligned to Digital Forensics Training: Tools and Techniques
Digital Media Forensics Essentials Labs Course Benefits
Detect, identify, and analyze malicious activityUse detection various tools and tools like Wireshark and Snort to read, capture, and analyze trafficIdentify and remove trojans, malicious files, and/or processes
Digital Media Forensics Lab Content
Analyze Malicious Activity in Memory Using Volatility

Students will use the open source Volatility tool to analyze a memory snapshot and determine what malicious software has infected the victim machine.

Conduct Log Analysis and Cross Examination for False Positives
Creating a Baseline Using the Windows Forensic Toolchest (WFT)
Data Recovery with Autopsy
Detect the Introduction and Execution of Malicious Activity
Dynamic Malware Analysis Capstone
Identify Access to a LINUX Firewall Through SYSLOG Service
Identify and Remove Trojan Using Various Tools
Identify Suspicious Information in VM Snapshots
Identify Whether High-Risk Systems Were Affected
Image Forensics Capstone
Live Imaging with FTK Imager Lite
Memory Extraction and Analysis
Network Miner
Open Source Password Cracking
Participate in Attack Analysis Using Trusted Tool Set
Using Snort and Wireshark to Analyze Traffic

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